Taking a dip in Loch Ness – Inverness, United Kingdom

Last night I went to the Liquid Room with a bunch of people. I really couldn`t get into it until I closed my eyes and just danced. It was a good nite for the most part even though I was surrounded by people I didn`t know.

I got back to the hostel at 430am-ish and had a wonderful conversation with Gus until 830am when it was time to leave for the Highlands. I can`t believe how many people have been recommending that I go back up to the Highlands.

So I dragged myself to the back of the bus and tried to fall asleep. It would have been much easier if Dave wasn`t so charismatic and funny. He took us on a little detour to his parents house for tea and cookies. They looked surprised when the bus pulled up but welcomed us in with open arms.

I tried to sleep when I could but I had to go on the whiskey tour as it IS the smallest distillery in the world. How could I miss that? Besides, I heard that whiskey is good for a cold. So then after some more failed attempts at napping (thanks to Dave’s very sudden stops), we went swimming in Loch Ness. It was very cold (even after a few swigs of whiskey that the distillery gave us for free!) but well worth it. I think I may even have seen Nessie in the distance popping her head up. All the girls braved the dip but none of the boys would even go near the water. Ha!

I have met three Carmella’s in the last week. There is one on my current bus. I have also been meeting a lot of people from Edmonton. Its getting chilly here so I am going to try and speed up a bit. I really need to shake this cough. I am afraid that I have gotten my whole hostel sick. I promise to really rest over the next few days.

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