Playing in the Playground – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Today, we trekked up then down a volcano in the hot hot sun. It was as much fun as three girls could have on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Renee, Arianne, and I decided that a game in the playground down at the bottom would be fitting after such an excursion. We swung high our feet touching the sky.

We stretched our weary legs on the merry-go-round and taught a future photographer how to take her first pictures. There were some beautiful little scotch boys walking their puppy who literally posed for the photo. Well done boys!

We have eaten a lovely Mexican meal prepared by our lovely Fashion Chef (who needs fashion week when its all right here, baby!) Arianne and are gearing up for a great night out. I am loving Edinburgh at the moment but sadly must leave to explore other Scottish delights. But tonight the moon is full and the stars are out…shall we dance?

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