Little Miss Backpacker – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

When I first arrived in Edinburgh, I wasn`t thrilled with it but this place really grows on you. Edinburgh has many hidden surprises which can only be discovered by exploring and sometimes getting lost. Which hey, I have almost mastered after Amsterdam.

The ghost tour was creepy even though I didn`t actually see any ghosts. The tales of Jekyll and Hyde as well as witch stories will keep you jumpy long after the sun has come up. Even in the daytime, there is a inconspicuous feeling of apprehension in the air. I visited the Writers Museum which seemed to have an awful lot of hair samples from great writers such as Burns, Scott and Stevenson. I particularly enjoyed the Museum of Childhood which is filled with a vast collection of toys from all countries and eras. My new friend Arianne had a lot of fun trying on costumes from the dress up boxes.

The hostel I am staying at used to be an old hospital so you can imagine how large it is. The there is the Scottish Band room, the Virgin room, the Underwear room, the Currency room and even a Mr. Men room complete with Mr. Happy and Mr. Grumpy beds. Every night the show a movie in the main room up on a huge screen but if you would rather you can just relax in the Posh room with the fish. Mark and Steve, two very witty blokes from Oz, taught me a few new words in Scrabble…and I taught them a thing or two (maybe even three, Mark?) playing Trivial Pursuit. Ok Ok. I concede that they may have given me a break or two near the end but hey, it was the Brit version!

I have met some extremely charming people here in Edinburgh who may also contribute to my sunny days even when the sun is not out. I have run into so many people here that I have met along the way, in fact someone who was running from the floods with me just sat in the next chair. Imagine that? I am learning that life is like that sometimes…strange coincidences are quickly becoming a gentle reminder that yes, I am definitely where I should be…right here, right now.

I am off to play princess in Edinburgh Castle now where the Stone of Destiny was returned to its original country in 1996 from England who were…um, “borrowing” it for a time. I hope all is smiley and sunny in your part of the world.

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