Take Time – Western Highlands, United Kingdom

Are we too busy to get lost in the landscapes of our world? When you pay for a scenic and historical tour of the Scotland Highlands with its Lochs and Glens and Hairy Coo`s but you spend most of the time on your cell phone, I think its a bad sign. When you hear about fences intricately made of stone without mortar which have become all but extinct to cheaper and easier wire fences. You try to take your picture but the power lines get in the way.

In Scotland, the magical stories and legends will take your breath away. Unfortunately, if its healing waters that you want, your too late because the farmer drove his tractor into the fountain of youth. Apparently, there is some good whiskey around here too. A Hairy Coo is a huge mammoth looking cow…perhaps could even pass for an gigantic dog.

There was a man wearing a `Stuart` tartan in the middle of Glencoe valley playing his bagpipes for money on a different tartan. I am sure that the the chill in the air has something to do with the tragic past that this country and its people have endured. The memory of great battles and massacres are kept alive by graveyards full of gravestones of women, children and men who fought for their independence.

The Lochs in the Highlands number over 30,000 (and I am sure I must`ve seen almost half that day) and there are parts that are so deep, they cannot be measured by man. They are said to be `black holes`, bottomless. Perhaps, this is where our shy friend Nessie, AKA. Loch Ness Monster, goes to hide away. I would too, from the loud earth rumbling fighter jets that routinely almost scrape the tops of the mountains that line the mysterious Loch Ness. They interrupt an otherwise peaceful environment.

The waters here are so cold in the middle that if you were to fall in your life expectancy would be 8 minutes. I thought of this as I watched a couple in a canoe peacefully gliding past heading towards the center of the Loch. As I sit on a rock gazing out at the glassy dark blue waters, I feel a sense of tranquility and serenity that can only be compared to something out of a dream. The bird songs here are different than any I have ever heard and I am barely aware of the castle that I am sitting in front of.

Whoever it was the decided to build Urquhart Castle can be considered a genius for picking this particular location. There is not much left of the castle but the ambiance cannot be blown away by battles or storms. If you look in the dictionary under the word timeless, this is the place you would find. Unfortunately, no picture could do it justice. The longer I sat absorbing the smells, sounds and feeling of this place, the smaller I felt. It is truly humbling to be on the same ground once walked by great kings and queens.

I saw an athletic young man sitting in a trance like contemplative state in front of Britain`s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. I wasn`t sure if he had just climbed him or was getting ready to but the look on his face was inspiring. Nothing I can write could explain how such a peaceful calm can lay in the midst of such a gruesome past. The Highlands are something to be experienced as no words or pictures can capture the feeling in the air…atmosphere if you like, but its much more than that.

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