Tea and TV – Ambleside, United Kingdom

I took a 30 minute train ride to Bangor where I waited another 2.5 hours for my bus. I have to say that I was glad that it was sunny and warm out or I just may not have made it. The bus turned up late but at least it turned up.

The first stop was Liverpool where I got a picture beside the yellow submarine and the went grocery shopping at M & S. The downtown area was quite busy so I was glad to leave as I am just starting to get my voice back and would rather not be exposed to any more germies than necessary. Next stop was the Lake District. The view was spectacular and the lakes were like mirrors. We ended up in Ambleside where I promptly made a hummus and tomato sandwich as I was starving by this point. I guess I have gotten used to the constant food being fed to me by Joe’s mom. I hadn`t eaten in 3 hours! I felt like I was wasting away. Fat chance.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a stroll through the town and guess what I found? Another grocery store. I felt compelled to enter. How could I not. I was good though as I only got yogurt. Toffee fat free yogurt. Mmmmm. Then I relaxed back at the hostel watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Brit version) and drinking as much tea as possible. I am going to kick this cold if its the last thing I do. I met a great girl called Afi who french braided my hair for me and then I had a good night sleep dreaming about apple flavored jelly belly jelly beans.

I woke this morning refreshed and had a wonderful day of hikes around Lake District and the Hadrian wall. I felt much better about all of the beer I consumed in Ireland after getting a bit of exercise. Now, I have landed in Scotland which so far is absolutely stunning…something magical. I stay right at CastleRock Hostel across from Edinburgh Castle which happens to be the second most visited landmark in Britain. The hostel is really big and is apparently used to be an old hospital. The kitchen is specious and fully equipped so I just cooked myself a yummy indian/chinese dinner. The interesting combinations you come up with when you are travelling…I say. I am off in a few minutes to take the Ghost tour so I must run. I hope all is well in your part of the world.

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