Lost in Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

The train ride from Tralee to Dublin was long but I met some people who tried to feed me alcohol and chocolate. It was interesting. I cabbed to Ani`s house but was missing a 0 off the address so I was stuck in the middle of the night in some dark and deserted neighbourhood. I tried to get the cab to stay but he wouldn`t. The lady at the address that I went to by mistake was soooo nice and let me use her phone. Unfortunately Ani`s phone wasn`t working so I started to panic a little. The nice lady calmed me down and gave me a beer.

Finally, at midnightish, thanks to the wonderful world of text messaging I got ahold of Ani who was basically right across the street. I thanked the Irish lady for helping me and went across the road to Ani`s where I promptly fell asleep. I woke to the cab driver coming to pick me up at 4am to take me to the ferry terminal. Joe had booked it for me and bless his heart, worrying that I would miss it, I arrived 2 and a half hours early. I tried to keep myself awake in the empty terminal until it was time to board by eating some stale pistachio nuts that I discovered in the bottom of my bag. I had a nice nap on the ferry and was happy to see that it was sunny when I arrived in Holyhead.

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