We are all friends here – CastleIsland, Ireland

We arrived in Castleisland and it was all that I had hoped from a sweet little Irish town. The guy at the bar wouldn`t let me tip him after I got a pint, telling me that my money was no good here, that we are all friends. We grabbed a bite (Yay for mashed potatoes! Hangover comfort food!) in the local eatery where everyone seemed to know everyone. I am so lucky to have met such gracious Irish folk as Joe and his family.

We ate a very hearty steak dinner made by Joe’s mum and then we were off to Dermot’s 21st birthday bash. I met tons of genuine Irish people and was welcomed with open arms. I had been told that the Irish were beautiful loving people but I had no idea they would treat a stranger from Canada as family. I feel so lucky to be getting a true taste of Irish life. We are off to Cork tonight and back to Kerry tomorrow.

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