15 hour Party People – Dublin, Ireland

I made it out of Caernarfon to the ferry in Holyhead. As I was waiting for the bus that takes you to the ferry, I met Joe and Siobhan who were excited to give me advice on what to see in Ireland. They have lived here their whole life here and gave me three pages of wonderful tidbits, pictures and all. We drank vodka and OJ as we crossed the (radioactive) Irish Sea.

By the time we reached Dublin, I was feeling quite fine. We headed straight for the pub and I had my first Irish Guinness. It is true that yes, it does taste amazingly better here. We were met by more friends as we continued to drink and I felt more and more Irish. We made our way back to Annie from Spain’s house and got ready to go out. We visited a pub and then made our way to a bar called Pod. It was great fun until I realized that I had been drinking since 1pm.

All of a sudden at 4am it caught up with me which was ok because the club was closing anyway. It was VERY chilly as we all tried to flag down a cab. I crashed at Annie`s house and think I got maybe 10 minutes of sleep before there was a knock knock knock at the door. It was Joe coming to collect me informing me that I was coming with him to stay with his family in Southern Ireland. I was quite hungover so I didn`t argue as we stumbled onto the train that would take us to Kerry, where Joes` mum would pick us up. We met up with his friend Dermot and the three of us slept our way through the 4 hour train ride.

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