Hikes and Castles – Caenarfon, United Kingdom

Next we stopped in Snowdonia National Park and hiked around the mountains where some breathtaking landscape pictures were taken. We did a Precipice Walk which I renamed in my head the Avoid-the-Sheep-Poo Walk. Now I know what happens when lots of sheep get together and graze near hiking paths. We lost some people and worried that perhaps they fell down the steep mountain? No. Turns out they were waiting in the WRONG car park…um…maybe the fact that the tour bus wasn`t there may have been their first sign.

After the slight delay we were off to Caenarfon which is a small castle town in northeast Wales. We had a good feed of Welsh Pub food, we (some more than others) tasted the local drink. Christa split a 3 litre bottle of the cheapest cider and actually, it was pretty good, considering. We put on silly wigs and hats and played silly games. It was an earlier night for me as I am feeling somewhat better but I didn`t want to jinx it.

This morning, I took a historic tour of the town which ended in Caernarfon Castle which was built by Edward the First. Standing at the mouth of the Seiont river, the fortress has unique polygonal towers, intimidating battlements and colour banded masonry. It dominates the walled town also founded by Edward I. Caernarfon`s symbolic status was emphasized when Edward made sure that his son, the first English Prince of Wales, was born here in 1284.

In 1969, the castle gained worldwide fame as the setting for the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales. I got some really great pics of the castle and me in it. I am just on my way back actually to explore it just a little more thoroughly. This is my first real castle and I intend to learn as much as I can. I left the bus bus group today but Theo jumped off too and we are going to see if we can go fishing tomorrow. Fish and chips is a big deal here so I am determined to find some for lunch. It is a little grey and cloudy today and tho its chilly, at least its not raining.

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