Big Rocks and Greasy Pies – Bath, United Kingdom

I left London and went through Windsor to see Windsor Castle where the Queen lives in the summer. Apparently it is too expensive to heat it through the winter so they move to Buckingham Palace for those months. It was very impressive from the outside and I wondered what on earth they do with all that space.

Next I visited Stonehenge and Avebury where there are famous rock formations which are still a mystery of why and how they got there. The rocks were very large and I are placed in some sort of strategic fashion by….aliens perhaps? Well, that’s one of the the theories. Someone else heard that it was also just a big ancient toilet.

On that note, off to Laycock where I didn`t get off the bus because I am again coming down with some sort of cold. I am sure the party life in London didn`t help that but hey, I am not complaining. It was sooooo worth it. Laycock Abbey was where they filmed parts of Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice. I was fading fast so I curled up and tried to sleep while the others poked around the site.

Next stop was in Bath where there is Cadbury chocolate (a bit of a letdown after Swiss chocolate) and Roman Baths. I went into Bath Abbey and ate a Cornish Pastie which is a flaky pastry filled with various fillings. I ate the steak and potato one and it was good if not a little bit heavy and greasy.

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