First Clubbing Experience – Gatecrasher in London – London, United Kingdom

I just had the most excellent experience. Last night, James, Kirsty and I went out with 25 other kiwis to a club called Heaven. The event was called Gatecrasher and the DJ was Paul Van Dyk.

After a scrumptious dinner that James made us we made our way on the tube to the club. I was nervous and excited at the same time as walked in. People were dressed up in the craziest costumes but somehow it all seemed to fit. There were three major rooms with different atmospheres and music.

The chill out room was very mellow and the second biggest room was fast and heavy. But the room I liked the best was the main room where the DJ was spinning. The ceilings were high and people were packed in all dancing to the same beat. It only took about an hour and I was drenched in sweat. I mean, dripping wet. I have never danced like that before…the music just takes over. There is almost a primal feeling to it.

It was loud but it felt like it was pulsing through me. And the crowd loved this guy. Its wondrous what happens when a pile of people in a great mood get together. I drank so much water but it seemed to just end up soaking my clothes. I danced with Jacques from South Africa after hitting him on the head with my water bottle…opps! It was so hot, I would wander around just watching the people and lights, passing under the occasional fan for a refreshing breeze. Kirsty and James were great, all the while making sure I was having a great time. Funny how you see a whole different side to people when they are put in different environments.

I danced non-stop from 11pm to 6am. That’s when the tube opens so it was time to go. It was very strange walking home that early in the morning. I can`t tell you how tired I was but at least I don`t have to go workout today. I should be sleeping as it is only 2pm but I am still reeling from last night/this morning. I think I will try and go back to sleep. Perhaps I will dream that the night still continues…I didn`t want it to end.

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