London Life – London, United Kingdom

The ferry ride to London was surreal as Steve and I sat watching a wall of TVs playing music videos, eating McDonald’s (mcds even on ferries?), and finishing up what goodies we had left from Amsterdam. They have movie theatres playing Scooby Do and Spider-man. It was like a floating mall resort type deal. I wondered how many people commuted on a weekly basis on this contraption.

I am now in London and it has been wonderful. I met kiwi Kirsty at the train station where I said goodbye to Steve, and we made our way to her flat in Willesden Green. Today, I went to Trafalgar Square and picked up my mail- post restante, thank you sis! I sat near the big lion statue and looked at the pictures my nephews drew for me that my sister had popped into my care package. It was one of the first times I really felt homesick…but only for a minute.

Next I walked around Oxford Street, all sorts of Circus places and navigated my way on the tube ALL BY MYSELF! I went to to supermarket on the way home and bought cereal for 1 pound and flip flops (essential for backpacking) for 1.50 pounds.

Now, I am just getting ready to go out clubbing in London. I guess we are supposed to be out until 7am! But tomorrow is Saturday so I don’t have to worry about work…oh yeah, I don’t have to worry about work for a LONG TIME!

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