Dam Square Comedy – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am still in Amsterdam and I have been having a great time. Yesterday, I sat in Dam Square and watched all the street performers. There was a Jim Carry, a Medieval Warrior, and other clowns of sorts. It was very much a carnival atmosphere. I was amazed at how friendly the police were. They were just standing around helping tourists, giving directions and showing them how to feed the pigeons.

There was a silver painted sax player who would play you a song if you put money in his silver paint can. A little boy of about 4 was intrigued by the man and tried everything to get him to move. He had a little plastic sword that he was jabbing at him….but the performer did nothing. He didn`t budge an iota. This guy is good at what he does. So the little boy attempted the obvious next solution. He stuck his sword in the saxmans` paint can and the noise that came out of the sax was very clearly “Hey! I don’t think so Kid”. It was great comedy.

I met a few locals living in Amsterdam and made sure to let them know how lucky they were to live in such a nice city. The canals are beautiful and there are so many kodak moment bridges. The buildings are so old but in such good condition. There was a great Brazilian dance band that was playing as I looked up to see the time and realized it was a sun clock. Cool I thought, until I realized that the time was two hours early. The sun clock is wrong in Dam Square and no one has bothered to fix it. Only in Amsterdam.

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