Lost Wallet Returned! – Berlin, Germany

I really liked Berlin especially the fact that it wasn’t raining. The sightseeing was quite tiring but the hostel was top notch. I ate the biggest pizza in the world (little pizza joint across from hostel) with Greg from the US…it didn’t even fit on the pan.

I went and visited the Berlin Reich stag, the new German political building, with Sandra a teacher from Canada. Have I mentioned how many teachers I have met along the way? I think that probably 50 percent of the people I meet are teachers on summer break. Hum. No wonder I am learning so much. I also met some young Aussie guys who partied REALLY hard and thought they could get away with pretending to burn my toes with a lighter…nice try, I`ll get you back when I am in Oz;)

I left my wallet on the busy Berlin UBaun on my way back from the concentration camp. I played a frantic game of charades with the train guard as Kelly and Christi who came with me, tried to assist. I wouldn`t let myself cry. I wouldn’t give in to the thought that it wouldn`t be found. And guess what? The train guard came back five minutes later and told me it was found and was waiting for me two stops up. I almost kissed him. I got it back in perfect condition, with nothing missing. Yay!

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