No Absinthe, Thank you Anyway – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I am still in Cesky but I am feeling a little better. I have spent time just taking it easy and eating chicken soup. I absolutely love the little hostel I am in. Its called the Snail hostel and its adorable. It only has one room with 10 beds but we have our own kitchen and there are two bathrooms, one with a round two person tub! Its really nice to be able to take a nice hot bath when your sick.

Yesterday, there were two Vancouver girls, two kiwis and and American. We all got along really well and had supper together at a local restaurant with great food for really low prices. They were doing Absinthe shots…I wasn`t as I have ventured down that road before when this dangerous drug first became legal in Canada a few months ago. Honestly, it wasn’t a pretty one that I care to repeat.

It was still pouring heavily outside. In fact, the river that runs through the city has been getting higher and higher. Last night, we watched a huge log being thrashed around in the rapids. It`s a good thing they have closed the canoeing and rafting trips for the tourists. The bars that we had planned on going to had been closed due to the flood. That`s when we realized that this was a little more serious than we thought. It had been POURING for days and there were cars and restaurants immersed. After watching the river for a while, we ended up at the Gypsy Bar which was packed but we found a table by the door. Afterwards, I decided to hit the hay early so as not to aggravate my cold.

I woke up croaking but after taking a nice walk to the grocer and post office, I began feeling a little more alive. Finally, the rain has stopped. Yay! I love this town, its so small and old. There are cobblestone roads so narrow that I cant believe that people can drive here.

Tomorrow, I am going to the castle so I am planning on staying here for a few more days. Just for insurance. Plus, I bought a lot of soup so…that’s as good as any other excuse. Plus, its dirt cheap here. I had an amazing supper and dessert and drinks for 9 dollars yesterday. Something that should`ve cost at least 20. Tonight, just the kiwis are left so we will try out this cute little Czech tavern where they cook the food traditionally on the fire. It`s in a dark cave like hole in the wall and only seats 15. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

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