Out of Austria – Ceske Krumlov, Czech Republic

So I went from Salzberg to Gruneau. I stayed at the Treehouse which is run by a really nice couple who were really hospitable and fun. It was so serene and peaceful in this quiet little mountain hideaway. Its quite in the middle of nowhere. The land is untouched and fresh with the best water I have tasted from the creek that runs through.

We ate some bar bq trout at a roadside booth and it has made me a believer in trout once again. The town which is a short hike from the hostel, was small and happy. Its quite slow and laid back I thought as I waited for the grocery store to open. I walked a lot here. I could see people coming here for some downtime with nature.

The next day I jumped on the train to Vienna and checked into the Wombats Hostel. Its really big and although very clean seemed a little too sterile. We all went out for a really big and filling meal. It was tasty but very heavy. Because I couldn’t read the menu and the waitress couldn’t speak English, I had to walk around the restaurant looking at peoples dishes and deciding what looked good. I finally settled on some dumpling looking dish but it made me so full, I had to drag myself to my bed.

I was planning on going to Budapest but at the last minute I decided not to as I think I am coming down with a cold. I was starting to feel really really sick so I just stayed with the group I was with and we are now in Ceske Krumlov. I am still not well so I am going to stay here for a week and recover.

This seems like a really good place to do it. The tiny medieval town is adorable. I haven`t done much exploring yet as it is raining and has been for the last few days. But I have my rain suit on and I will be venturing out right away. I miss you all.

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