Chocolate and Rainstorms – Salzberg, Austria

I had a wonderful time wandering around Salzberg yesterday. Then I went back to the hostel to give my very sore feet some rest. I met up with a few other travellers and we played cards and had some beer. Then we went to this Irish pub and had some more beer. I got tired pretty early so I ended up walking home by myself at around 930. But not before I found a cute little deli that I had to try. I got a huge chunk of cheese and some salami to go with my leftover lunch bun.

I ran into a guy who only spoke French and Italian. It was great trying to communicate. We did ok for about 10 mins before I decided to grab my phrasebook. Unfortunately, many of the phrases in the book really didn`t apply to the conversation we were having (or trying to have).

I started getting ready for bed when not a tremendous downpour suddenly pelted the city with buckets upon buckets of rain. I sat at the window watching the sheets of rain munching my sandwich. I didn`t realise how much I had missed a really beautiful lightning show and the clap of the thunder.

I slept well but I woke at 4am and decided I needed something to drink. I went outside and some of my bunk mates were just coming back from the bar. I walked to the Esso Gas Station down the street and got some OJ. Salzberg feels very safe to me. Then I laid in bed for the next two hours until I decided that no, in fact I wasn`t getting anymore sleep. I woke and did a bit of reading.

I spent about an hour trying to decide if I should stay or should I go. I decided to go because I am thinking of hopping over to Hungry for a few days. Then I ate eggs and cereal for breakfast, packed up my bag and headed down for the daily showing of The Sound of Music. It was raining out so the room was packed but I still managed to get what I considered one of the best seats.

I had never watched the movie before and I have to admit there were many scenes which I had to fight hard to keep the tears in my eyes. Especially when everyone is singing along to all of the songs. Its just a great show. Definitely a bit of an institution here. It was really cool to see all the sights in the movie that I had seen in person yesterday.

By the time the show was over, the rain had subsided so I didn’t get to wear my beloved rain suit after all. I ventured back into the old town humming Edelweiss as I noticed that most of the shops were closed, it being Sunday and all. No worries tho as the town is still quite lively with tourists as there is a music festival going on at the moment.

I felt some loving admiration at how steadfast and appreciative the tourists were as even tho the stores were shut, they were taking pictures through the windows. Awwww. I hope they are here another day. Salzberg truly is a gem and I would love to come back here with some of my music loving friends. There is the Mirabell Castle, Hohensalzburg fortress, and the Mozartplatz (a statue of you know who) which all adorn this medieval little city.

I did get my Mozart chocolate yesterday. In fact, I am eating some as I type. Its quite good but I cannot honestly say that I will crave it when its gone. It has some marzipan (which I don’t love) in the center. There really is some history to the chocolate, its not just some Mozart shaped candy.

The historical ambiance of this place is so endearing. I am not sure if people are adorned in the traditional Austrian garb because of the festival or just because they are in from their mountain home stocking up on supplies. I am sure its a bit of both. I am finding it hard not to sing out loud here. Its just the mood of the place. -the hills are alive…with the sound of muuuuuusic- well, they certainly are.

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