I’ll be Comin Round the Mountain…. – Venice, Italy

I arrived into Venice at 8am and stored my pack in the train station baggage storage before heading off to explore Venice. It was absolutely stunning. The sun was shining and I was feeling so happy. I got lost (which I would recommend everyone do in Venice…its the only way) and ran into the cutest little mom and pop grocery store. I bought a .20 Euro banana and a .50 euro apple. I must have looked hilarious walking along eating my banana with this huge grin on my face. It was the best banana I have eaten in a very long time.

Next I followed the signs (which are everywhere) to San Marco, which is supposed to be the main tourist attraction. As things started getting more crowded, I realized that I must be getting closer. I decided that I needed a gelato and tried Sour Cherry. Good choice. It was delicious. I had to eat it as fast as I could because it was melting all over it was just so hot out.

I stumbled upon a Supermarket (which are quickly becoming a great source of entertainment for me) and just had to go in. I found some cheap pop and some raisins which I heard are a very healthy travelling snack (thanks Mom). There would be NO MORE overpriced chocolate bars for me! I also tried to buy an apple but apparently I didn’t do it right (you are supposed to weigh it or something) so I couldn`t buy it. That was ok. It was only insurance on the apple I already had in my purse.

I strolled along and admired the intricate glass works in the tiny shops. As well, they showcase masks in Venice. It was so hard not to buy one but imagining it in pieces on arrival in Canada helped curb my desire. Finally, I came upon the highly acclaimed San Marco. It was grand, as I am realizing much of the architecture in Europe is.

But what really caught my eye was a little girl of about 3 with curly blond hair twirling round and round gleefully in the center of hundreds and hundreds of pigeons. You could feel her wonderment and delight from across the courtyard. Captivating. Picture to follow.

I checked my watch and it was time to head back to the train station to catch my train. I got onto the train and found my seat and enjoyed the scenery passing me by while enjoying my crustless mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich that I picked up in a tiny deli in Venice. Mmmm…I love crustless sandwiches.

I had a great conversation with Renessa who gave me some wonderful travel tips about Cinque Terre. She also gave me the idea to start sketching when I could. It really gives you a different appreciation for things when you are looking at them in such a way. We changed trains and then practiced German with each other for a while before she nodded off and I took in the stunning Austrian countryside.

There are green tree covered mountains and fields of thousands upon thousands of sunflowers. There were oodles of white fluffy sheep grazing on the hilly pastures. The towns are made up of historical little buildings and houses with red flowers pouring off the balconies. There is always a tall pointed church tower in every town no matter how small. There are not one, but many garden gnomes adorning the gardens of the locals` homes. I half expected a little toy train to come around the mountain as I gazed at the beauty of Austria…then I realized, I was in that toy train.

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