A Little Alone time – Naxos, Greece

Its raining today. Which is actually not too bad. It smells really nice. Its very refreshing in such a hot climate. Last nite Marlena and I went out for dinner then just watched the nightlife. Today she left for Ios. I decided to stay put. I am having some really good wind down time. Catching up on some writing and reading. I was watching TV today and the only thing on was Melrose Place. Man, I can`t believe they still air that! It was all subtitled so it was very funny (as if the acting wasn`t funny enough). It sounds like I will be on the radio this week:

Hi Carmella,

Just a quick note to let you know your interview is going to run this Wednesday between 5 and 5:30 on CJSR. CJSR is at 88.5FM and on the Internet at www.cjsr.com

So let me know how it sounds. I was a little distracted when I gave it because the line wasn`t as clear as it could be but hopefully it turns out ok.

I think I will just take it easy tonight and grab a bite, maybe walk around the town. Its so cute. There are so many little walkways and beautiful pink flowers EVERYWHERE. They just cascade off the roofs. Every morning you see the little greek ladies sweeping up all the petals. They fit in so well with the white square houses and the blue doors and shutters. It really is beautiful here. I miss you all. I am having a touch of homesickness today. I just wish you were all here to share this with me.

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