Carbonara Potato Improv – Naxos, Greece

Having a ball in Naxos. Its soooo hot here. I mean hotter than normal, which is still pretty hot. I really love the hotel, it has a pool. The little shops are so cute and there are thousands of little trinkets I would love to buy for you all but they mostly glass and I know they would not travel well. 🙁 But the thought is there.

I think Marlena is leaving tomorrow but I am thinking of staying on for a few days. Ios is supposed to be great and all but I don`t really want to rush. I am getting really excited about Europe though. Especially Czech Rep. I have heard so many great things. My tan is getting darker and darker. The beach here is a little crowded and I haven’t spent any time there.

Last night Marlena and I had a kitchen in our room and in order to save a bit of cash we decided to cook for ourselves. Except that the only thing I could find that I could understand how to cook (pictures on the packet) was mashed potatoes…the flaked kind. Not very greek, I know. But then I realized I didn’t have any butter or milk..ohoh. But wait, there was a little bonus packet of Carbonara sauce attached to the potatoes…improvisation…Carbonara Potatoes…they really weren’t all that bad.

We accompanied it with a half a greek salad, just the tomatoes, cucumbers and feta. All in all, it was not to bad and definitely worth the laughs…especially from the people who were walking by our balcony and had a second look. Imagine a large mound of potato and greek salad. Looked pretty funny. We ate half a watermelon each too. Miss you all terribly. But not so terribly I will come home…not yet anyway. 😉

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